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Compliance Depot
Vendor Credentialing

Westwood partners with Compliance Depot, to conduct Subcontractor & Supplier credentialing services.

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Document Submission
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Compliance Depot
Enrollment Instructions

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Frequently Asked Questions:

If the answer to your question is not listed below, contact Compliance Depot at 888-493-6938 for assistance.

Q: What does the Compliance Depot enrollment fee cover?
A: The annual Compliance Depot subscription fee covers processing and warehousing the vendors documents as well as, extensive screening procedures for Westwood Builders, not limited to background and criminal checks; government watch list searches, professional license verification, liens/judgments/bankruptcies, and Tax ID number verification.

Q: I have already enrolled with Compliance Depot and am an approved supplier for a different Compliance Depot client. Why do I need to enroll for Westwood too?
A: Each company has different compliance requirements. Complete the enrollment process for Westwood to ensure that your company meets Westwood’s requirements by Industry or line of service.

Q: How long does it take Compliance Depot to process documents?
A: Approximately 3 business day. This process restarts each time a new document is submitted for review.

Q: I have submitted all documents, but I am still not “Approved”, what should I do?
A: Contact Compliance Depot directly at 888-493-6938, reference your 6-digit Compliance Depot Vendor ID, or log in to www.compliancedepot.com using username and password provided at initial setup to determine what items are outstanding or incomplete.

Q: What does it mean when my Additional Insured Endorsement “verbiage” is incorrect?
A: It is required that the Additional Insured verbiage be included on all policies as permitted by law. Excess/Umbrella to follow form in regard to additional insured status on the General Liability, Auto Liability policies as permitted by law and in regard to waiver of subrogation on all policies as permitted by law.

The Endorsements are proof that your insurance carrier has added Westwood and its affiliates as additional insured to your policy. They must be attached to your policy.
Q: How do I stop Compliance Depot email notifications?
A: If a vendor prefers to be on the "Email Stop List" a request can be sent to Customer Care at [email protected] and Customer Care will update the vendor's email preferences.